Anxiety Treatment with Jonathan Brower

Anxiety normally begins in your early childhood.

A painful incident caused by your parents or caretaker may have occurred once or many times. Usually, they are not even aware they hurt you.

When you experience being hurt by your parent, you feel anger and sadness, but you also feel love. You feel ashamed about your real feelings, so you push them out of your conscious awareness.

To deal with the emotional confusion, you punish yourself.

In addition to anxiety, you might push down your feelings and become depressed to lower the intensity of your anger and keep your emotions hidden even from yourself. You may become self-sabotaging to hurt yourself for being angry at your parents you also love as well as other people that are in your life. You may even suffer psychologically based illnesses and bodily pain as well as panic attacks that may be a result of your anxiety and depression.

The actual trauma is not the cause of your suffering.

The repression of these strong feelings and impulses caused by the trauma is what causes your suffering. Your suffering will continue until you are able to face your anger, sadness, and other core emotions.

Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

enables you to safely experience your core emotions. Together with Brower, you can learn to face these powerful feelings that you may have been avoiding since the time of your trauma. The cause of your suffering can be untangled and resolved.

Defeat anxiety now.

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