My work with Jonathan Brower has been a life-changing experience. I no longer suffer from anxiety and my relationships with people are so much easier and enjoyable. My wife and kids see a big difference in me and we're closer than ever. My professional life has been greatly enhanced, too.
Ryan, age 42
I got more out of my first three-hour session with Jonathan Brower than all the other therapists that I've been to in the last twenty-four years. By the end of the session I had a clear understanding of the walls I erected to avoid my emotions, the awareness of how I experienced my anxiety symptoms, and what emotions triggered my anxiety. After twenty hours of work with Jonathan Brower, I no longer have anxiety problems. My life is so much more gratifying now.
Kristy, age 51
Jonathan Brower has helped me turn my life around for the better. Now I don't need to distract myself from my emotions by being the anxious person I was for the past fifty-five years. This therapy is intense, gets to the core problems, and gets them resolved quickly.
Helen, age 61
This therapy is so efficient and clear. Jonathan Brower helped me fully face my fears and get to the feelings and impulses that I had pushed down since I was a young child. I no longer self-sabotage and make my life difficult. I can now comfortably deal with real life and have clarity about what is really going on with my emotions.
Peter, age 36
My life was a mess because of my panic attacks. Jonathan Brower helped me get to what was under the anxiety. I was able to face my feelings and impulses toward people who had deeply hurt me and who I also loved. No more anxiety problems for me!
Justin, age 45
Therapy with Jonathan Brower is focused on getting to the bottom of all my anxiety and worry. For over twenty-years I was on medication for anxiety. Now I don't need or use pills. I'm able to thrive in my life. All those decades of being anxious are finally over. Thirty hours with Jonathan Brower did what hundreds of hours of other therapies couldn't do.
Rubin, age 55
This therapy is by far the best thing I've ever done for myself. Before coming to Jonathan Brower I was floundering with anxiety and depression for many years. It was all a big messy mystery to me. In the very first session, which was three hours, I knew I was on the right track. It was hard work, but it worked well. Jonathan didn't let me get away with using my defenses to avoid knowing about my feelings and impulses. He was kind and caring, but he didn't waiver from being on track to help me face what I had buried from my mind and heart.
Betty, age 29