Depression Treatment with Jonathan Brower

Depression makes you a prisoner inside yourself.

Your emotions close down so they cannot be fully experienced. As with anxiety, depression prevents you from knowing more about the anger you feel toward the people who have been hurtful to you. Many who feel anxiety about their impulses have depression to stay away from allowing their emotions to fully express themselves.

Underneath your exhaustion and apathy is a river of rage.

When you become depressed, your day-to-day experience becomes flat and empty. You believe you are not worthy to yourself and other people. Self-sabotage and relentless self-punishment keep you trapped in depression. You push yourself into isolation and push away friends and family who want to connect with you.

Life doesn't have to be this way.

You can embrace life again and learn to see yourself as you really are. Defeat depression and take control of your life with Jonathan Brower. Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy treatment is available for individuals, siblings, friends, and couples.

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