Applications of polymers in drug delivery by Ambikanandan Misra, Aliasgar Shahiwala

By Ambikanandan Misra, Aliasgar Shahiwala

Use of polymers has develop into quintessential within the box of drug supply. Polymers play a vital function in modulating drug supply to take advantage of greatest healing advantages and feature been basic within the winning improvement of numerous novel drug supply structures which are now available.

This booklet offers info of the functions of polymeric drug supply platforms that might be of curiosity to researchers in industries and academia. It describes the improvement of polymeric platforms starting from the normal dosage kinds as much as the latest clever structures. The regulatory and highbrow estate features in addition to the medical applicability of polymeric drug supply platforms also are discussed.

Each diversified drug supply course is mentioned in a separate bankruptcy of the e-book. All significant routes of drug supply were coated to supply the reader with a wide ranging in addition to an in-depth view of the advancements in polymer-based drug supply platforms. Appendices are integrated which contain worthwhile pharmaceutical homes of the polymers and significant polymeric functions for varied drug supply routes.

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3 Osmotic/Solvent Controlled Systems Osmotic/solvent controlled systems release active ingredients as a consequence of controlled penetration of a solvent into the dosage form. Although non-aqueous solvents can be used, water is the most commonly used solvent. In this type of delivery system, the drug is entrapped in the polymer until absorbed water creates osmotic pressure. A particularly interesting form of osmotically controlled release system involves a tablet containing an osmotic agent (which could 6 Polymers in Drug Delivery Systems be the drug itself or an accompanying salt) surrounded by a semi-permeable membrane (permeable to water but impermeable to salt or drug).

The release of the drug by osmotic controlled system is known to exhibit zero-order kinetics [14]. Dosage forms utilise osmotic potential gradients across semi-permeable polymer barriers to generate pressurised chambers containing aqueous solutions of the drug. This pressure is relieved by the flow of the solution out of the delivery device. The rate of flow can be controlled because the flow is restricted to fluid transport through a micrometer scale to larger diameter pore or pores. 4 Swelling Controlled In swelling controlled dosage forms, the drug is homogeneously dispersed in glassy polymers.

4 Osmotically Controlled System An example of this system is osmotic release oral delivery system (OROS by the Alza Corporation), which can be used to target the drug locally in the colon for the treatment of disease or to achieve systemic absorption that is otherwise unattainable [52, 53]. The OROS system can be a single osmotic unit or may incorporate as many as 5-6 push-pull units, each 4 mm in diameter, encapsulated within a hard gelatin capsule. Each bilayer push pull unit contains an osmotic push layer and a drug layer, both surrounded by a semi-permeable membrane.

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