Apostille au crépuscule by Michel Onfray

By Michel Onfray

"Socrate a raison : mieux vaut subir l'injustice que l. a. commettre... Je n'ai donc pas répondu aux injures ayant accompagné los angeles sortie de mon Crépuscule d'une idole, sous-titré L'affabulation freudienne, un livre acceuilli par l. a. haine d'un petit milieu et l'emballement du public qui a transformé cet ouvrage en succès de librairie. On a fait de ce gros ouvrage à peine feuilleté un "brûlot contre l. a. psychanalyse". Or l. a. psychanalyse freudienne n'est pas toute l. a. psychanalyse, mais sa formule los angeles plus universellement médiatisée...Cette Apostille se suggest d'examiner les stipulations d'une psychanalyse non freudienne avant Freud, pendant lui, après lui. Avec "l'analyse psychologique" de Pierre Janet, un philosophe doublé d'un psychologue clinicien pillé, insulté et sali par Freud ; avec le "freudo-marxisme" de Wilhelm Reich persécuté par les freudiens et les marxistes ; avec los angeles "psychologie concrète" de Georges Politzer, philosophe communiste et résistant fusillé par les nazis ; avec l. a. "psychanalyse existentielle" de Sartre, retrouvons l. a. voie du matérialisme psychique contre l'idéalisme de l'inconscient freudien ; restaurons le réel concret contre le déni freudien de l'histoire ; inscrivons l. a. psychanalyse dans une logique progressiste contre le pessimisme freudien ontologiquement conservateur ; réhabilitons le corps immanent contre l. a. parapsychologie viennoise. Cet substantial chantier exige un "intellectuel collectif". ce livre pourrait en être le manifeste..."M. O.

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Mynster hadn't permitted himself to be crushed by the God who had crushed Michael Pedersen and Ssren Kierkegaard. Mynster survived the catastrophe of 1848 all too artfully. It would have been far preferable if he had lived up to his own words and "had had the character to fall along with everything else that fell" (Pap. x13 B 18,s; see also X6 B z r z p. 335). NO, "the truth was, that he was very worldly wise, but weak, pleasure-mad, and great only as an orator, . . and the misfortune of m y life was that having been brought up b y m y late father with Mynster's sermons, I accepted this counterfeit note It cannot be more sucinstead of protesting against it" (SV1XIV 10).

According to the New Testament, becoming a Christian presupposes a complete human existence, what in the natural person might be called a man's maturity. (SV1XIV 253) In one of the very last entries in his journals, Kierkegaard gives an account of his personal journey. He maintains that he had needed to work through his youth, to reach maturity, and in so doing his understanding of his task had undergone a I 80-degreereversal. Now, as a man, he understands that it is his task to destroy the Established Church that had played such an important role in denying adulthood, both in his own life and in the lives of ordinary people.

This peasant side of Michael Pedersen Kierkegaard is illuminated further when one considers that he was one of nine children born to an apparently quite ordinary (and therefore poor) farm family from the tiny west Jutland settlement of Saedding. One of Michael Pedersen's brothers did leave Saedding, but only in order to live with an uncle in southern Jutland, where he died young and unmarried. Another brother spent part of his adult life in Copenhagen, where he was well known as a local madman who wore three overcoats in the summertime, but he returned to Szdding in his later years and died there.

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