Anatomy Of The Dicotyledons Vol I by Metcalfe,C.R.; Chalk,L.

By Metcalfe,C.R.; Chalk,L.

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Gene control: 1-2r Carica papaya (2x= 18) Lycopersicon esculentum (2x = 24) Pelargonium tomentosum (4x = 44) Solanum tuberosum (4x=48) Storey (1953) Rick and Robinson (1951) This Vol. Young (1923) B. Gene control: 2r Arachis hypogaea (2r. 4x = 40) Avena byzantina (6x = 42) Brassica napus (2x =38) Capsicum annuum (2x = 24) Carica papaya (2x = 18) Crotalaria mucronata (2x= 16) Eruca sativa (2x = 22) Gossypium hirsutum (4x= 52) Lupinus regalis (4x = 48) Lycopersicon esculentum (2x = 24) Medicago sativa (4x=32) Nicotiana tabacum (4x=48) Plantago lanceolata (2x = 12) Solanum verrucosum (2x = 24) Spinacea oleracea (2x = 12) Trifolium pratense (2x= 14) Gene control: 1-3r Allium porrum (4x= 32) Arachis hypogaea (4x=40) Patel et al.

Mays (10, 2x=20) Zinnia elegans (1r, 3r, 2x = 24) aMutagen-induced. ). On the other hand, in the vestigeal glume maize mutant (Sprague 1939), outer glume is atrophied, stamens are developed, but the exposed anthers wither and fall off prematurely. 2 Faulty Stamen Development This is known in a mutant of pea (Gottschalk and Kaul1974) and tomato (Hafen and Stevenson 1958), in which rudimentary stamens are developed but no sporogenous tissue is formed. On the other hand, in a Gossypium hirsutum mutant, stamens are normally differentiated but their anthers remain rudimentary.

1981) Kumar and Singh (1983) Sharma and Sharma (1978) Lindstrom (1933) Yamakawa (1968), Tsikova and Abadzhieva (1974), Hernandez and Wollard (1978) Lesley and Lesley (1958) This Vol. Kappert (1956) This Vol. Fujimaki et al. (1977), Singh and lkehashi (1979), Ko and Yamagata (1980) Nair and Gopalakrishnan (1973), Pavithran and Mohandas (1976) Fujimaki et al. (1977), Lu and Rutger (1984a) Mese et al. (1984) Kitada et al. (1983) Singh and Khanna (1970), this Vol. Hussein and Disouki (1974), this Vol.

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