Analysis of Noble Metals. Overview and Selected Methods by F. E. Beamish

By F. E. Beamish

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Place the copper rod carrying the lead bead in the l o w e r e l e c ­ trode clamp. This is made the cathode. The anode is a graphite counter electrode similar to A S T M type C-5 ( 9 0 0 ) , mounted across a 5 - m m gap from the lead bead. (b) Electrical parameters. 07 Inductance 3 6 0 JHH pF Resistance in series with gap none Peak voltage output 20,000 V Radio frequency current 5 A Discharge trains 4 per c y c l e (c) Exposure conditions. 050 mm 44 2 SPECTROCHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF THE PLATINUM METALS Slit length 2 mm Pre spark period none Exposure period 2 0 sec Filters A u 2 4 2 4 .

Fothergill et al. (34) determined platinum and pal­ ladium in the atmosphere of a platinum refinery by a combined chemical and spectrographic method (35). Khrapai determined platinum and palladium in silver (35) and in silver-gold alloys (36). Strasheim et al. (37) determined palladium and silver in high purity gold. Tomingas and Cooper (38) determined palladium in dore metal. Naka and Naka (39) determined small amounts (5-500 ppm) of platinum in artificial fluorphlogopite fused in a platinum vessel.

6 A interrupted arc. 4 x 10~ 7 g of rhodium in 3 ml of solution could be determined. Chwastowsk et al. (130) determined trace impurities in platinum and platinum-rhodium alloys by adsorbing the impurities on a cation exchange col­ umn while the platinum and rhodium passed through as anionic chloride com­ plexes.

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