Adolescent Breakdown and Beyond by Moses Laufer

By Moses Laufer

This is often the second one monograph released by way of Karnac Books on behalf of the Brent Adolescent Centre/Centre for study into Adolescent Breakdown. Drawing at the Centre's designated pool of craftsmanship within the box, it comprises papers giving updated psychodynamic views on adolescent breakdown through best medical specialists. those disguise more than a few subject matters, comparable to the differing advancements in female and male children, and the actual difficulties of psychotherapeutic intervention with them. additionally it is the lawsuits of a convention at the topic held in October 1995. right here the problems of adolescent breakdown are mentioned within the wider context which staff within the worrying professions needs to think of. total, the ebook offers a concise, modern assessment of a subject whose significance is more and more being well-known either inside and out the psychotherapeutic community.

Anthony Bateman, Debbie Bandler Bellman, Gabrielle Crockatt, Maxim de Sauma, Domenico di Ceglie, Sara Flanders, Maurice H. Friedman, Christopher Gibson, Kevin Healy, M. Egle Laufer, Kamil Mehra, Joan Schachter, Nicholas Temple, Peter Wilson

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Not only did she have to become aware of herself as a woman, but there was also the anxiety that she was abnormal. In her first phys­ ical relationship with a man this anxiety had been revived and intensified her gynaecological symptom to a point where she had felt unable to deal with it and had broken off the relation­ ship. Also, Flo's father had died suddenly when she was aged 16, and her mother had become very depressed and dependent on her for support. This event, occurring at this particular time in her life, had added significantly to the difficulties she had in her move towards adulthood, since the normal guilt and the anxiety that are always felt by a girl about competing with her mother were now so intensified because of the mother's de­ pression that she could only experience a sexual relationship to a man as a source of anxiety and guilt, and thus as something to be avoided.

We have also tried to indicate in what ways those adults working with the adolescent can help him. But there is another group of adolescents who mani­ fest a picture quite different from those so far described; these are the so-called "good" adolescents who, at 15 or 16, remain exactly the same as they were at 8 or 9. They are loving, considerate sons and daughters, who continue to accept, unquestioningly, the pa­ rental dictates.

Unconsciously, unless someone is there to support her and thus control her body, she may still not feel safe in situations where she thinks she must control it herself. For such women, it becomes impossible to leave their homes on their own because of the unconscious fear of what they feel they might do. For some it may be the unconscious fear of meeting "strange men", as if they were afraid that they would be unable to control their sexual wishes towards them; with others it may be experienced more as the old childish fear of losing control over the bladder and thus of shaming themselves.

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