A World of Whosy making? Study Guide 2 by Kelly B., Brown W., Potterton E.

By Kelly B., Brown W., Potterton E.

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Simply describing different models without using them to answer the question doesn’t go far enough. Further advice on using models and assessing different approaches can be found in Chapter 14 (you might also find it useful to re-read the section ‘Models as metaphors’ in Chapter 15 of Making the International). In particular you should refer again to Audio 9 and the accompanying notes in this Study Guide, and read ‘Step 2: Thinking through the question’ below. 2 Using concepts and theories from the course as a whole Similar comments apply also to the use of concepts and theories from the course as a whole.

Remember that a plan is just that – it is not the final piece of work, doesn’t have to be perfect and is not marked. Indeed, it is very likely that you will change your plans as you go along. Give it your best shot now, and revise as necessary as you proceed. After completing these activities you are now in a position to send in your mandatory contact paper to your tutor (see the Assignment Booklet for details). Remember this paper must contain your chosen essay title, your preliminary draft of your essay plan, your list of course materials you will draw on, and the non-course sources you will use.

The key point to note is that, while social scientists break up the world into these categories, in reality they are hard to separate out. For example, gender divisions (social) may result in the silencing of women’s views (political), which means they do not have policies that serve their productive needs (economic). 2 ICTs in your life These conditions and constraints operate at all scales from the individual to the international. They are also not confined to people from the less developed world.

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