A World of Curiosities: Surprising, Interesting, and by John Oldale

By John Oldale

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe: every little thing you by no means knew you by no means knew approximately each nation on Earth.A scientist by means of education and an explorer by way of ardour, Dr. John Oldale has logged part one million miles vacationing greater than 90 countries. Now, he celebrates our strange international in a cornucopia of interesting proof introduced vividly to lifestyles in the course of the unforeseen tales in the back of them. referring to heritage, go back and forth, politics, usual background and extra, he paints a different portrait of every state from the mightiest to the main miniscule. You won't locate the subsequent on your regular shuttle guide:[b]

• Why is kissing on trains banned in France?
• In what kingdom are litigants anticipated to offer their case at court docket within the type of a poem?
• Which conflict did girls win in 1929 simply by sitting down?
• If Panama hats aren’t from Panama, the place are they from?
• Who consume clean camel dung as a healing for dysentery (and why does it work)?
• Why have been US disk jockeys as soon as advised they can play birthday requests on any day other than the only requested?
• Which sleek dictator banned outdated age, libraries and gold enamel, and was once later changed via his dentist?
•  And 2,000 extra humorous, trivial, poignant, and telling evidence

  A needs to for energetic and armchair globe-trotters alike, A international of Curiosities will engross an individual who's in any respect fascinated by the area past their door. discover and revel in.

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