A Monograph of Codonopsis and Allied Genera by De-Yuan Hong

By De-Yuan Hong

Codonopsis and its allied genera, are a gaggle of vegetation that are very important in economic climate and horticulture. A Monograph of Codonopsis and Allied Genera (Campanulaceae s. str.) deals its viewers entire wisdom of those vegetation together with palynology, cytology, inhabitants biology, morphological description, geographical distribution with vouchers pointed out, very good ink illustrations, and colour pictures, and keys to genera and to species.

This first-class paintings will facilitate identity of proper vegetation, use of plant assets, review of endangered states, the advance of conservation thoughts, and may advertise systematic and evolutionary study of this group.

  • Provides complete descriptions and classifications of Codonopsis and allied genera
  • Richly illustrated with line drawings and fine quality colour photographs
  • Delineates and clarifies the relationships of Codonopsis and its allied teams in response to the analyses utilizing info from exterior morphology, pollen morphology, chromosomes, and molecular biology

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Including Sphenoclea zeylanica), with 13 species in the Cyanantheae (9 in Codonopsis, 2 in Cyclocodon, and 2 in Cyananthus). They found variation of seedcoats in shape of the areoles and secondary ornamentations on radial walls. Their conclusion is, however, “SEM ornamentations being species-specific can not be used as generic marker”. Shrestha and Kravtsova (1992) made an extensive investigation on the seed-coat surface and section of 17 species in Cyananthus, a genus confined to the Himalaya and the adjacent Hengduan Mts.

SEM Photographs of seed-coat morphology of Cyclocodon and Codonopsis. ) W. J. de Wilde & Duyfjes; i & j, Codonopsis affinis Hook. f. & Thomson; k–n, Codonopsis benthamii Hook. f. & Thonson; o & p, Codonopsis subsimplex Hook. f. & Thomson; q–t, Codonopsis foetens Hook. f. & Thomson subsp. foetens; u & v, Codonopsis bulleyana Forrest ex Diels. Scale bars = 50 μm. 28â•… A Monograph of Codonopsis and Allied Genera FIGURE II 2:3â•… a–t. SEM Photographs of seed-coat morphology of Codonopsis and Pseudocodon (Codonopsis subg.

Y. Hong & Q. Wang) had no cytological data before our work. We made expeditions to S and SE Tibet, and to SW Sichuan (Yanyuan and Muli), harvesting seeds or fixing flower buds. Our observations on chromosomes gave following results. Two species of subg. Pseudocodonopsis, i. e. Codonopsis convolvulacea subsp. forrestii and C. , 2014a) (Figure II 4:1c & d). Codonopsis dicentrifolia in subg. Obconicicapsula possesses chromosome number also 2n = 14. , 2014a) (Figure II 4:1a). Seven species in subg.

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