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I train a Language Arts Lab classification to highschool scholars with a 6th-8th grade studying point. The questions are larger suited to tenth or perhaps eleventh graders. The identify might be replaced. My general 9th grade students--who are a fine looking brilliant group-- might have hassle with those questions.

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Protect the rose from harm. b. reduce the ability to love another. c. add a new element to the image of love. d. are just more images to compare to a rose. 199. It can be inferred that the true meaning of the love is a rose metaphor is that a. love is a true joy. b. love comes only once in a lifetime. c. love is never permanent. d. love is a combination of good and bad experiences. 200. According to the passage, the poet’s intention is a. to release anger. b. to announce heartache. c. to enable you to experience the poet’s point of view.

Telecommuters produce, on average, 20% more than if they were to work in an office, and their flexible schedule allows them to balance both their family and work responsibilities. Litigation is not always the only or best way to resolve conflicts. Mediation offers an alternative approach and it is one that can be quite efficient and successful. Mediation can be faster, less expensive, and can lead to creative solutions not always possible in a court of law. Additionally, mediation focuses on mutually acceptable solutions, rather than on winning or losing.

Parents play an important role in their children’s academic success. a. Video games have a negative impact on children’s academic success. b. Studies show that children of parents who regularly assist with homework and show an active interest in their child’s studies bring home better grades. c. Studies show that watching less television and spending less time playing video games help children get better grades. d. Children who are avid readers get much better grades than their peers. 123. More and more people are eating organically grown fruits and vegetables.

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