100 Baddest Mother F*#!ers in Comics by Brent Frankenhoff

By Brent Frankenhoff

Meet the undesirable asses, the harsh men, the fellows you don't need to make mad. those are the blokes you'd are looking to have backing you up in a struggle. And those are the fellows who make undesirable a lot enjoyable. From hard-bitten heroes to vile villains - together with Wolverine, Batman, Luke Cage, Galactus, and extra - 100 Baddest Motherf*#!ers! promises the lowdown at the down low in a full-color, totally illustrated, butt-kicking format.

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Line Weight in Dimensions Have you ever had an experience, either playing a game or watching a film, in which you felt that you were completely immersed in the action, to the point that you felt surrounded by it? Oh, and I’m not talking about a 3D-produced experience, where the immersion is artificial. I’m talking about those moments where everything feels like it’s a “life or death” situation and you can’t turn away or else you’ll miss the one second that’s going to flip everything you are watching way the heck over!

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